Craig Brackins Making Most of His Time in D-League

He can shoot and he spreads the defense.

Those are Craig Brackins strengths, but 76ers want him to work on other aspects of his game and that’s exactly what he’s doing in his second stint with the Springfield Armor of the D-League.


The Sixers would like the rookie to improve on his post game as well as his rebounding and defense.

Over the weekend the Armor took on the Bakersfield Jam and when Brackins entered the game he floated around the perimeter, knocking down back-to-back threes.


But as the game progressed Brackins’ game moved to the post.


"[I’m] just trying to be more aggressive attacking the basket, trying to get some fouls and get to the line," said Brackins.


Brackins has a great touch from behind the three point line and if he can develop a post game, he can be a tough matchup for his defenders.


"I need to do both to become a problem," said the rookie forward. "It’s something that I need to keep working on."


Brackins displayed that in both games this weekend against the Jam.  On one play he got the ball in the post and took his defender to the hoop for the lay-in. Another time down the floor, Brackins caught the entry pass to a reverse pivot and drained a mid-range jumper from the baseline.


The 6-foot-10 forward is also being more aggressive on the glass. In Saturday afternoon’s loss against Bakersfield, Brackins recorded season-high 14 rebounds, double the rebounds he had the night before.


"[I’m] just going after them all," said Brackins. "It’s an effort thing."


Armor head coach Dee Brown is doing his best to develop the 1st rounder. At one point in Friday’s game, Brackins sealed his defender and Brown screamed to his team to get him the ball.


"We try to put him in position the Sixers want him to be in and he’s really responding," said Brown.  "We definitely want to keep improving his game and he’s shown that."


In his four games since being reassigned Brackins is averaging 24.8 points a game to go along with 8 rebounds.

After the weekend, however, Brackins was still unhappy with his defense.


"I still got to work on my defense, guarding people especially on the perimeter," said Brackins.


Brackins said there is no timetable for his return to Philadelphia. But in the meantime he will continue to improve his game so he can one day become contributor for the Sixers.


Some recent Brackins highlights after the jump.




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