Who is on board for operation BJ?

I just wanted to take the pulse of the board and see what everyone is thinking. I'm keeping the poll open for a full week, so that recent games can influence your decision if you haven't made up your mind. Whatever your view, understand that I want what I think is best for the team in the long run. I hope that you share that sentiment.


My spin after the jump

The ultimate objective is to win Championships, hopefully multiple ones.  As a fan you want the team to win, but if winning now, costs you the chance to get in position to win a championship, do you still want that costly win?  The danger is obvious and readily apparent: Teams get stuck on their way up to contention. They get good enough to win most of their games and they get into the playoffs only to find that against the really good teams, they have no chance. What happens with that team? They get a lousy draft pick that doesn't help them and their fans get to look forward to a couple of seasons of the same, never getting good enough. And never even sniffing a championship. stuck in the middle, wow! how exciting! zzzz.

I'm not saying it's impossible to get there if a team goes the above route.  But I say there's a better way. Load up with more talent, and bide your time. This is a strategic decision that goes against the instinct of coaches and players, but it is the smart move.

Here's why: A team that continues to add talent will eventually reach a point where they can compete, as long as they can continue to draft well. A young team with talent that is on it's way up attracts old vets eager for a chance at a ring. Which increases the team's opportunity to add talent, provided they manage their cap amd it also provides players to trade that other teams want. A team on the way up is one worth watching, one worth getting enthused about, one worth dreaming of a Championship. Doesn't that sound more fun and entertaining than the first scenario?


The longer a team can stay in the lottery, the better, particularly if they're really better than that. It simply gives them the easiest path to build to a Championship level.

Therefore,  in order to want your team in the playoffs, you need to be on your way up to being a championship team and believe that you have or are close to the talent level you need to be to compete.  

I think the Sixers were good enough to make the playoffs last season and did not because of the former coach. This year, they are good enough to make the playoffs, but as constructed can't win against the elite teams. If we can hold onto our talent, and get some cohesion between them as Doug Collins teaches them how to play in the NBA, and deliberately blow a game here or there so we get into the lottery instead, we'll get another shot at the big man we so desperately need.

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