Five worst starters in the NBA?

I admit I saw this on Yahoo a few minutes ago, and I was intrigued. Or exhausted, since I just walked in the door from work, put my kid to bed, and am ready to collapse, except I have about 2-3 hours more work to do tonight. time-wasting before launching into this evening's entertainment uncovered this one guy's list. I didn't agree with him, but I thought the exercise was interesting, and I am hereby sharing my evening's time-wasting with you, my people. The guy's list after the jump, and some initial thoughts....

PG- Derrick Fisher
SG- Keith Bogans
SF- Christian Eyenga
PF- Kris Humphries
C- Kwame Brown

There are a couple on here that are on the money. Bogans? Terrible. Meeks is better. Kwame Brown? Is he still playing basketball professionally? In the US?'s interesting to see if these guys are worse than what our beloved Sixers (or others) roll out every night.

Is Kwame Brown worse than Spencer Hawes? Outside that two-week or so stretch where we thought we had the second coming of Bill Walton, my New Adopted Favorite Player hasn't shown a whole hell of a lot. I don't know if it's because his back is hurting worse than he's admitting, or it's because he just sucks maximum ass most of the time, but Spence is leaving a NAFTA-level Giant Sucking Sound all over the court. If he keeps playing like this, I won't be buying his shirt, which I was planning to do. Maybe I'll get a Nocioni, just to be annoying.

Or, if we go farther afield than the Sixers, is Kwame necessarily any worse than, say, Darko, whose rise to mediocrity (9 ppg, 5 rpg, 2 apg, 2.3 bpg) after seven years in the league has won him a legion of apologists?

Kris Humphries is at least a really good rebounder. I don't know what else he does, but he seems to always be racking up huge rebound numbers. And he probably has more offensive game than, say, our own beloved Reggie Evans, except for the Reg's ability to offend by grabbing an opposing player's nutsack.

Derek Fisher? He clearly does whatever it is he's supposed to do, or Phil Jackson wouldn't keep trotting him out there night after night. You don't think the Lakers could get someone better if they thought they needed someone better? Stern would probably call up Thorn and force him to trade Jrue to LA for a bag of popcorn and a game-worn Laker Girl skirt if he thought it would ensure a Lakers final appearance. I definitely wouldn't take Fisher over Jrue, but isn't Fisher better than, say, Mike Conley, or whoever is starting in Minnesota this week while they wait for Rubio to finally decide he doesn't want to play for them?

I don't know enough about Eyenga to make a comment about him. Which probably says everything it needs to about him. And Bogans, as previously stated, is terrible. If I remember correctly, I think Meeks completely shut him down last time we played Chicago.

Anyway. Enough of my rambling. I would be interested in everyone's opinions on this. And I can't WAIT to hear someone justify their opinion that Iguodala is the worst starting SF in the league :D

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