2011 NBA Draft

Final Thoughts on the Sixers Draft


It's the philosophy that's most bothersome for the Sixers drafting than who they've actually selected this year.

2011 NBA Draft: Top Undrafted Players


A list and breakdown of the top players who went undrafted in the 2011 NBA draft, from a Philadelphia 76ers perspective.

The Sixers Should Sign Undrafted Free Agent Michael Dunigan


Making the case that the Sixers should sign undrafted free agent Michael Dunigan, who they should have selected with the 50th pick anyway.

Quotable: The Sixers NBA Draft Edition


Quotes from Doug Collins,Ed Stefanski, Nikola Vucevic, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young and Mo Speights about the Sixers 2011 Draft.

Sixers 2011 NBA Draft Grades Compiled: "Phlegm"


The Sixers are averaging out to about a C in the draft grades the morning after.

Dust Settles: Semi-Rational Thoughts on The Sixers Draft


Yesterday the Sixers took Vucevic and Allen in their spots in the Draft. Today, we see why that's bad.

2011 NBA Draft: Grading The Sixers Selection of Nikola Vucevic


An in-depth breakdown of the Sixers first-round selection, Nikola Vucevic. The USC big man wasn't a popular selection amongst Sixers fans; how does the pick grade out?

Just How Un-Athletic is Sixers Draft Pick Nikola Vucevic?


Three fun facts to illustrate how incredibly un-athletic Sixers new big man Nikola Vucevic is.

2011 NBA Draft: Philadelphia Sixers Select Lavoy Allen


The Sixers selected local big man Lavoy Allen with the 50th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. He was a terrible pick.

2011 NBA Draft: Best Players Available After Round 1


What players are still available for the Sixers to select in the second round, with the 50th overall pick?


2011 NBA Draft: USC's Nikola Vucevic to the Sixers


Vucevic came from USC and is excited to get started on this Doug Collins-coached team.

2011 NBA Draft: Philadelphia Sixers Select Nikola Vucevic


The Sixers have selected Nikola Vucevic with the 16th pick in the NBA Draft. Brief analysis. More thoughts to come.

2011 NBA Draft Sixers Thread


Complete with Pimp Your Prospect and Updated Draft Order. Do the Sixers have any moves in the cards?

Andre Iguodala "Not Close" to Being Moved


With the draft set to begin, Andre Iguodala is still far away from being dealt according to President Rod Thorn.

2011 NBA Draft Coverage Wrap-Up


All the coverage you'll ever need about the 2011 NBA Draft from a Philadelphia 76ers perspective.

The 2011 Liberty Ballers Draft Contest


We love friendly competition and the draft at Liberty Ballers. Why not put them together???

Who Should the Sixers Select if They Trade For the Second Pick?


Looking at the draft options if the Sixers trade Andre Iguodala to the TimberWolves for the number two overall pick.

Sixers Pre-Draft Workouts


A list of every prospect the Sixers have worked out prior to the NBA Draft.

Gauging NBA Draft Day Sixers Excitement


If you're a Sixers fan, how excited are you for this draft? Does the possibility of moving up and trading Iguodala tickle your fancy?

RUMOR: The NBA Draft is Today


Apparently there's an NBA Draft today. That's neat.

Draft Express 2011 NBA Mock Draft Update


Draft Express has the Sixers taking Nikola Vucevic in their latest mock draft.

Andre Iguodala to Minnesota Timberwolves for #2 Pick No Longer Fake


An Andre Iguodala-Timberwolves deal makes too much sense not to be rumored. Finally, the rumor is here.

Liberty Ballers 2011 NBA Draft Podcast


The Liberty Ballers crew will be conducting a special NBA Draft preview call-in. Check it out and listen live, or even call in and we'll try to get you on the air.

2011 Liberty Ballers Big Board


The Liberty Ballers team releases their big board, pretending t hey're in the war room on draft night for the Sixers

Sixers 2011 Draft Primer Part 3: European Players


Sixers 2011 Draft Primer Part 3: a look at the European players near the top of this years draft.

Sixers 2011 Draft Primer Part 2: Big Men


A look at big man prospects for the upcoming NBA draft, with a look at how they'd fit in with the Sixers.

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