New Segment! Speezy Sez: Ramblings of a Twitter Genius

Credit goes to Tanner for the idea, but I just couldn't wait any longer to share with you all of this gold. Here's the format: I will copy one tweet verbatim from Sixers Forward/Center Marreese Speights, then I will post the translation for what he is actually trying to say and so on for ten tweets each week. Have no fear, I was schooled in Speeziness. Follow @mospeezy if you aren't already.

I will not be passing any judgment on his spelling, grammar, or overall grasp of the English language.

Dang hotel in savanna shower like this

Translation: I find the soap dispensers to be strange.

RT @ReggieEvans30: FREE LIL BOOSIE.i no right bro

Translation: I agree with Reginald Evans that Torrance Hatch should be released from serving his sentence in prison for drug and gun possession, but I understand that what he did was wrong.

Goodmoring world

Translation: Salutations.

@TdiddyisGodGift u right bro it was so much fun bro one of our bros pick a$$ over they bros

Translation: (N/A)

I give love to whoever up right now going to work or school

Translation: I can certainly appreciate those who wake up early and go to their place of employment to provide for their family.

Oh I see we play games Now I would say I am off that but I would be lieing .

Translation: Defense is overrated, please pass me the ball so I can take fadeaway jumpshots.

@TBFdiddy_ROE grind grind grind bro not looking back at all u feel me I am going to hold it down

Translation: I am a terrific dancer.

It's 2010 ppl steal use pay phones

Translation: It is odd when I see people use pay phones because cellular telephones are almost omnipresent in 2010.

I just went into the steam room soon as I walk in this guy got his legs open like a female I said old head can't be doing that bs. Lmao

Translation: After working out, I enjoy a trip to the steam room. This particular time, I happened to come across a naked older gentleman with his legs open. Being a heterosexual male, I did not enjoy being forced to view his genitalia. While there is certainly an argument for people to be naked because the sins of Adam and Eve should not have a negative effect on all of us in today's society, not only do I feel more comfortable in clothes, but I enjoy the way I look in a three-piece suit. Dark blue makes my eyes pop. I found it amusing regardless.

@mkcjr215 Fred

Translation: Fred

I hope this provided some much-needed insight into the mind of Marreese. Until next time, "This year is all about grinding in wining I will go hard every game in every minute just can't wait."

Speezy sed it.

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