Off-Topic: Team USA and is Coach K kidding the country?

A front-line of Chandler/Love isn't that bad of a front-court, though ideally I'd like a 3rd big man not named Lamar Odom, who brings mostly the same things Iguodala does. Why isn't Javale McGee on this team?  We need more size up-front then we do another hybrid guard.   In Granger, Durant, Billups we have some of the best shooters in the league, Gordan and Curry are unneccessary.  

But Coach K's decisions are done and we'll have to live with them.  Adjusting to the new reality of our Team-USA,  in  a motion offense, I expected Kevin Love to get the bulk of the minutes out of our front-court.  But that's not what happened.  Kevin Love,  a very good passing and post big man is NOT getting the bulk of the minutes at the 4-5 spots.  No, neither is Chandler either.  Infact, they're both getting pushed by the way side.


Kevin Love plays a disgraceful 7 minutes a game, SEVEN!  What's the point of having a really great rebounder, if your not going to play him Coach K?  Chandler, very equally is getting a whooping 13 minutes a game!

Next up, Greece was the final pre-season game.  This game is where you SHOULD have your rotation roughly figured out, so there's no excuses for Coach K to fall on, so let's see what "Coach" K thinks about the game of basketball:

For those who didn't wanna click on the link and see the horror, this is the chickenscratch Coach K calls a ball-club:

G:Derrick Rose

G:Chanucey Billups

F:Andre Iguodala

F:Kevin Durant

C:Lamar Odom(No, I'm not kidding you)


Neverminding the horror a 6'10, hybrid 4 is starting at the 5.  How about synergy?  Synergy is the positive mixture of elements or in this case: people.  Lamar Odom and Andre Iguodala are NOT synergetic(SP?).  They both need the ball in their hands, both are excellent rebounders. Neither are great shooters, though Odom has been average or slightly below average from 3 for most of his career.  Essentially, they are clones. WHY are they both in the starting lineup Coach K? Why is Odom your starting center, when you have an NBA starter RIGHT THERE in Tyson Chandler


Kevin Durant has been admirable, he's easily been team USA'S best player and is quickly evolving into LeBron James-status as being a guy so dominate, the rule book is meaningless when it comes to him.  Nevertheless, could we please try and keep players at their original positions(Durant being a 3-man)?

Now for the back-court: Chauncey Billups CAN  play 2-guard Coach K, but I think you'd like to know that Billups's career took off under Larry Brown, as he settled into the role of a scoring point guard.  Billups is NOT a spot-up man, nor should he be relegated to one under your fantasy world.  He is a playmaker, he is a lead guard. So is Derrick Rose.  Start one, NOT both. 


Okay  Big mouth, what would you do:

Putting my money where my mouth is, I'll take Coach K's Motion Offense and I'll create a starting lineup and rotation

By Position:

PG: Chanucey Billups is a lead-guard and frankly, he's one of the best. He hits shots in the clutch, he's a terrific defender, he's been a champion and he's elevated the play of his team-mates. It's being rather unfair I admit to both Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose. But I love Billups's experience if I want to win the gold.  Could I win the gold with Westbrook and Rose? Absolutely, but if I come to a close game Billups still gets the end-game ball.

Stephen Curry has been proving thus far how much of a roleplayer he is,  of course nothing less then expected from nellie-ball.   Baron Davis made those 2007 warriors, not Ellis, not Nelson and not that stupid system. A studly but inconsistent PG did. 


SG: Granger has proven to be effective regardless of which wing position he plays. This is because he has an outside shot.  But outside of being a terrific offensive player, Granger was first known for his defense and his desire to emulate former pacer Ron Artest.  Eric Gordan has been very good, but his size just hurts him. On a team like ours, with a bunch of star players. Some very good players have to adjust to new and profound roles. 


SF: Some would argue that with such profound shooting like Billups/Granger, I could go with the defensive stud Iguodala(9 steals thus far). But Durant himself has 7 steals and is averaging 7 rebounds himself.  I've long argued Iguodala is an excellent roleplayer and I can truly appreciate him as the fantasy coach of team USA. He's the second stringer, with Odom getting minutes over Gay.  


PF: With all the love I've given  Kevin Love,  Lamar Odom still has the starters position. Reasoning? I like to have two playmakers on the floor.  Plus I like hybrid forwards and the matchup advantages they can give me.  That said, you can expect Kevin Love to get more like 15-20 MPG in my system. Rudy Gay is truly the most overpaid player in basketball, way to go Memphis. 

C: Tyson Chandler is clearly the starter here, his shotblocking and rebounding are required any time you want to run a system of perimeter oriented players.  We sadly have no one close to a back-up for him, thank you Coach Jordan(I mean Coach K). So instead, we'll have to do with Love backing up Chandler. 








For taking ineffective one-dimensional players like Rudy Gay and Stephen Curry out of the Team USA equation, you can thank yours truly later. WHY don't I have this coaching job? 

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