Getting Frustrated with the Front Office- Anyone else?

Im frustrated. Im bored.  Im already losing that passion inspired by the #2 pick.....

So, there is more activity going on in the NBA off season than I can ever remember (and I'm 43 which is old enough to say its been awhile though not old enough to call me an old timer..yet).

Even now that the SuperTrio has landed, there is still a lot of work to be done as teams are scrambling and being creative moving contracts that had been called "unmovable" (Elton Brand anyone?  Anyone?) by some so-called "experts". 

Teams with cap space are scrambling (Nets, Knicks, Bulls, Raptors, Cavs, Indy) to maintain respectability, Teams over the cap are scrambling to compete with the Lakers and Heat (Jazz, Dallas, Orlando, Bobcats, Phoenix, Atlanta) large trade exceptions are being created (and then used) which is almost as good as cap space and frankly, some other bad contracts are being signed. Also, some GMs are just plain crazy (that Khan guy in Minnesota for example).  We should take advantage of this situation!

Add in the looming lockout and it would seem a good time to at least be in the mix and yet we have heard LITTLE from the esteemed duo of Luuko and Stefanski and have not heard them in the  rumor mill at all.  Perhaps they are proficient clandestine operatives...but I somehow doubt this from the man who hired "The Man with the Mysterious Rotation Schemes" ... and he hasn't restored my faith yet.

So let me ask all of you (in the interest of a boring summer day, the MLB All start break, my reluctance to focus on work, etc):

1) Is anyone else getting frustrated with our FO's lack of "presence" in all the movement and conversations?

2) Isnt there some way to improve this team, the frontcourt, long term prospects and/or its ugly cap situation? 

3) Kinda OT but does anyone think Rod Thorn (who says he still wants to work) might be a good replacement for Luuko as President or even Stefanski as GM - or is he too "close" to Stefanski?  Maybe we just hired the wrong guy and Thorn should be available soon.  Is he worth bringing in?

Some of my ideas after the Jump...Would love to hear yours

Obvious strategies Ed could employ:

1) Package up some good prospect/player (Thad, Speights, 'Dre) with a bad contract/useful player (Brand, Lou Will).

2) Package an expiring contract with a bad contract/useful player

3) Package an expiring contract(s) with a good prospect for a difference maker.

4) Use the MLE (Luxury Tax be damned)

5) Trade one big bad contract (Brand) for someone else bad contract(s)


Expiring Contracts:

Hawes ($4m)

Green ($3.9m)

Kapono ($6.7m)

Jason Smith ($2m)

Young Cheap guys (with some possible upside left):

Thad Young ($2.9m)

Mo Speights ($1.8m)

Jodie Meeks ($0.8)

Bad Contracts(though perhaps still useful players):

Elton Brand ($15.9)

Mired in Meh-diocrity:

Andres Nocioni ($6.7m - Chapu)

Lou Williams ($5.4m)

Near Star Players:

Andre Igoudala ($12.3mil)

Untouchables (well almost):

Evan Turner ($3 mil

Jrue Holliday ($1.6)


Consider this an invite to discuss trades (try to look at both sides though please - no Lou Williams and 'Dre for Dwight Howard) ....

One thing I have been thinking about is Dallas, Orlando and Cleveland.  All need a true post-up PF and a slashing/perimeter player. They also need as high a talent level as possible.

So, keeping in mind the foregoing, some random ideas to kick about (feel free to criticize) include the following:

  • 'Dre ($12) AND Brand ($16) to Orlando for Gortat, Peitrus and Vince Carter and his soon to expire contract
    • They still dont have outside shooting but could match Redick offer. Get slasher/premier defender and a post scorer/moderate defender - ok since they have Howard.
    • I hate to trade Andre but we could use Carter (outside of playoffs) for a year and then benefits from $17 mil in expiring.  Dre is the bait to get rid of Brand's contract and gets some flexibility
    • Pietrus is a cheap "replacement" for Dre, Gortat adds some toughness/depth/defense at the 5.
    • Not sure I do this if I am Orlando.....but they need to improve and are capped out. Maybe we add in Speights to entice them.
    • Or maybe we suggest Thad and Brand for Carter but that doesnt help our frontcourt.
  • 'Dre ($12) AND Brand ($16) to Dallas for Dampier, Marion, Stevenson, Carroll
    • Again, simply seeking future cap flexibility - Marion plays the 3 now....
  • Thad ($2.9) and Speights to Cleve for Varejao or to Orlando for Gortat.  I need some interior defense (but no no - I dont miss Sammy D)
  • Lou to Indy?Minny? Anyone who wants Luke Ridnour?  Not sure what I would do with Lou or what his market value is, but he's an asset.  He's gotta be on a par with Ridnour.  Maybe tie him to an anchor (EBs contract - that being said, I think EB has some ball left in him...its just that contract strangles us...)

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