Two ideal fits if the team moves to more of a half-court team

With Doug Collins arrival, many believe the 76ers will become more of a half-court, oreinted team. If the team does indeed change their philsophy, they need to find the right players to fit their system.

This isn't going to be easily accomplished, especially in a short period of time. The 76er front office hasn't shown much patience in recent seasons, mainly due to the unexpected success they had when Andre Miller was acquired in the Iverson trade a few years ago. Thinking they were close in becoming a title contender, has set the franchise back once again. Throw in the fact that the team is struggling to get people in their arena, this storied franchise is a non-factor to say the least. We all want success right away, but need to stay patient and allow the team to rebuild this team with a plan in mind.

If the plan is to become a more half-court, defensive minded team, this would be my plan for this offseason, find two building blocks to start the rebuilding process:

#1-Select Evan Turner at #2 in this year's draft. This is a no-brainer decision. The team sorely lacks a true go to scorer and a natural SG. Yes, he doesn't have that Ray Allen range, but he has the abilty to create his own shot and make the big plays in crunch time. Turner also is a very good defender and when you pair him up with Holliday, the 76er's backcourt has the potential to be very good.

#2-Select Greg Monroe with a veteran trade to make it happen. I am not sure where Monroe is projected to be selected, but the team should be able to make a deal with using one of their trading chips, either Andre or Dalembert. I know there are alot of people who aren't high on Greg Monroe, but as a Hoya fan, give me a chance to explain why he is a good fit for the team:

-There is no better passing big man in this entire draft. Monroe's biggest strength is his pinpoint passes in the half-court sets.

-He bring a high basketball IQ to the sixers roster. This is an area where we all know needs alot of help. Our players most of the time have no idea how to work as a team.

-Monroe will allow Brand & Speights room in the paint to work. He is best used at the top of the key as a point forward/center.

-Needs time to develop his offensive game, along with more toughness as a rebounder. The best case senario, he becomes similar to a Chris Bosh from the outside, with elite playmaking passing abilities. If you want to execute the half-court game, he is the ideal player to do so.

-Monroe is a bigger version of the other former Hoya in Jeff Green. It is not shocking to me that Green has had good success thus far in his career. A player who makes an impact, that doesn't always show up in the box score.



By bringing in both Turner & Monroe, it will start the rebuilding process of becoming a more half-court oriented team. These two moves alone isn't enough to get the 76ers back into the elite team status around the league. What it brings is two players who better fiit these style. The next 2-3 seasons the Sixers need to rid themseleves of players who are miscasted and continue to build their core for the future, with a distinct plan in mind.




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