Stefanski is Okay

                   This is my first post so forgive me for anything I missed. There are some saying that Ed Stefanski should watch his back because of the Jordan signing. So, okay, that was a bad move. The Iguodala and Brand signings were okay, except for the amount of money given. We need to look a why Stefanski made these moves in order to see if he is making bad or, dare I say, desperate moves. This is my take on the subject. (hope you enjoy)


Iguodala Signing

                Obviously, most of us fans thought that Iguodala would be our next superstar at the time when Stefanski took over. Stefanski thought so as well as he gave Andre a large and long "superstar" contract. Do I blame him? No. At the time I kind of thought that Andre deserved it. Plus I wanted Iguodala to stay in Philly because he was a good player with a lot of potential. Here is the problem: Iguodala is Scottie Pippen. Whoa, calm down. He is not as good as Pippen but I am just using Pippen an analogy, if you will. Anyway, we had our Pippen but we needed a Michael Jordan. That is why I did not like him getting so much money. Stefanski realized the need for Iguodala but, unfortunately, he over compensated for other offers made to Andre (even though there were no other offers). You cannot blame Ed for signing Andre. Everyone should be upset that Iguodala got overpaid, not that Iguodala is not a good player.


Maurice Cheeks Firing

Not everyone is talking about the Cheeks situation. This is one move I did not understand. Why did Ed give the extension to Cheeks only to fire him in the beginning of the season? Maybe the pressure for the Brand experiment to work out caused Ed to want a change. Once Ed bought in Delio to coach, I pretty much assumed that Ed was planning on getting somebody while firing Cheeks. Why? This is one thing I will never understand. Oh well.


Andre Miller

This by far was the most annoying move (or lack there of). When Andre first came, he did express some dis-interest for being here but was willing to make the best of the situation. Fast forward a couple of seasons and the feelings have not changed. I believe we should have traded Miller only because we needed a shooting guard. Also, the risk of losing him in free agency for nothing was a strong possibility. We were capped out from signing Brand and Iguodala so it is not like we could have signed an equivalent replacement for Miller. Of course it is not all on Ed. At the time of negotiations, Miller wanted 3 years while Ed was only willing to offer 1 year. I was all for the one year because I thought that Miller would slow down. I was even willing to see a two year contract. Of course, the amount of money Miller wanted may have turned off Ed.


Brand Signing


So the Brand signing, huh? Well we discovered that in order to survive in the playoffs, you need a half court game. Our boys ran their way to the playoffs and ran right into one of the best half court teams, the Pistons. After that fairly entertaining series, we were ready to take the next step by getting a big guy that would function as our half court threat in the playoffs. After grabbing Speights in the draft and flirting with Josh Smith, we settled for Brand. Not really a problem for me. He was coming off a major leg injury and the 8 games he played showed promise that he could be a good player still. Unfortunately, Ed , just like the Iguodala signing, over paid Brand to snag him from the Clippers. I know the Clips offered more to Brand but when I say over paid, i mean that you do not give a player coming off of a potentially career ending injury that much money and that long of a contract at the age of 29. In a situation like that, I would give Brand 1 year. 2 years tops. Let's see what he can do and if he is not that good at least we can hold on until the contract runs out or trade him. Instead, he did not live up to his contract and now he is virtually untradable. It's not that Brand is a bad player, ( I happen to think he is a pretty good player) it's just, as with Iguodala, he is over paid for his skills.


          With all of this in mind, maybe now you see the logic of Stefanski's choices. He has the right ideas but gets the wrong solutions. That is not to excuse these bad dicisions that have been made. I do not believe that Stefanski will lose his job this summer but, I think that his time is running out. Very soon.


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