Film Review: Jrue/Lou/Andre Defense

I re-watched every possession of last night's game against the Magic and concentrated on Jrue, Lou and Andre's individual defense. I only tracked their opponent's assists if they got into the paint, and threw fast break baskets out because of the mass-confusion going on as to who's guarding who. I also tracked whether the shots of their opponents were contested or uncontested. This is the second time I've done this and it seems like 50% contested is a good number to have. Remember, my definition of a 'contested shot' is completely subjective, but I used the same criteria for all three guys. Here are the numbers:

Jrue Holiday

  • Opponents shot a combined 8-11 (73%) against Jrue.
  • Of the 11 shots, 4 were contested (36%).
  • Jameer Nelson was 5-6 against Jrue (1 contested), had 3 assists where he got into the paint, and got to the line 6 times.
  • Matt Barnes was 1-1 against Jrue (0 contested).
  • Jason Williams was 1-2 against Jrue (2 contested).
  • Mickael Pietrus was 1-2 against Jrue (1 contested).
Lou Williams


  • Opponents shot a combined 3-4 (75%) against Lou.
  • Of the 4 shots, 1 was contested (25%).
  • Jameer Nelson was 1-1 against Lou (0 contested).
  • Matt Barnes was 1-1 against Lou (0 contested).
  • Jason Williams was 0-1 against Lou (1 contested).
  • Vince Carter was 1-1 against Lou (0 contested).

    Andre Iguodala 

    • Opponents shot a combined 6-13 (46%) against Andre.
    • Of the 13 shots, 5 were contested (38%).
    • Rashard Lewis was 3-5 against Andre (2 contested).
    • Vince Carter was 2-4 against Andre (2 contested).
    • Mickael Pietrus was 0-1 against Andre (1 contested).
    • J.J. Reddick was 0-1 against Andre (0 contested).

    Jameer dominated everyone who attempted to guard him, including Jrue. For what it's worth, Jrue was one hundred times better at double-teaming than Lou Williams. I've gone on record criticizing Lou's double-teams -- they're terrible. 

    I'll try to do this on nights I don't have a lot of homework, etc. I'm not sure I can keep track of any more than three players at a time, so let me know if there's someone else you want to see 'tracked'. 

    P.S. If I did this for Speights and/or Young it would be ugly.

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