Explaining myself to the LB community

I would like to take the moment to   address the community and simply say two words "I'm sorry".        Watching this game tonight, and watching the 76ers over the past few games has enlightened me even more to Doug's BBIQ and his vision.  And to the understanding and comprehension of the word "Small Sample Size".   Indeed, I was looking at Spencer Hawes in the eyes of what he was earlier in the season: A slouch that couldn't rotate and move.    

I wasn't, until late in the game able to appreciate this newly transformed Spencer Hawes.    It was when Antawn Jamison was making a move to the basket and Spencer Hawes had this NASTY block that was just full of tenaciousness and energy. That's what's needed out of a big man and out of a basketball player. I vow to re-watch that game,  and to truly see what Hawes was doing. In light of his new execution and his new self.


Similarly, what Doug Collins has been able to do thus far with guys like Thaddeus Young,   Jodie Meeks has been impressive.    And it makes me wanna see what kind of man Craig Brackins becomes after all of his trips down to the Armor.    And similarly, I will try to make an effort to  appreciate and get to know Evan Turner.


That last part may be the most difficult for me.  15 MPG might not be a whole lot. But it's still rotation minutes.    In those segments, especially those kinds of segments he needs to have an impact.     He's not moving or cutting, he's not making a move with the ball. Nothing, the ball stops when he gets it and really play overall just stops.


I remember one play where Evan Turner was literally standing there on the outside corner tonight. It was THAT obvious,  a kid would be like "what's he doing"?   And it's not like he had his hands ready waiting to shoot either.  You would've thought we had an in-prime Iverson and he was doing the traditional watching thing. That's how inactive Turner was on that play.


Evan Turner, in terms of what you expect out of players period but especially perimeter players sucks so badly I wonder if he's worth 15 MPG at this point in time? Make no mistake, guys like Holiday, Meeks, Iggy, Brand,   and even Hawes have been very active in this current winning streak. But they're not going to be that active all the time.


That's why guys like Lou, Thad, Nocioni come off the bench.  They're active guys that provide that boost of energy. But to be honest, Nocioni, Thad, Lou are all guys that can easily have bad games and in fact they have had them of recent.   Both Lou and Thad struggled with the basketball, but they were carried by an incredibly effective starting 5.


So when those 5 guys are not playing with that same energy and when Lou/Thad/Nocioni are also running a little low, it's up to Evan Turner in those 15-20 minute segments to provide that boost for the team and for himself.


And as long as he's a lifeless zombie, I'm not sure if he can do that.   What are the limitations for sending a guy down to the D-League?   I think Turner needs it more than Brackins. Turner doesn't know how to play basketball right now.


I'm sorry if that sounds critical, but Evan has shown us that whether in big minutes or small minutes he quite frankly doesn't want to be engaged.  I said earlier that  he "doesn't want to be here" and that might be offensive. At the very least, I think we can all agree he's disengaging from the game for some reason.  


That ticks me off as a man who loves this game to death,  I would die to be in his position. Make a few million, ubber talented and on a young team where I can make my mark.


My "hate" for Turner is in reality, incredible disappointment and sadness.  


Yes, not all top picks are easy-to-translate superstars. But Turner had the kind of game that at least looked like he could make an impact right away. When I say impact, I mean any impact.


I expected a guy that would solidify our rotation, instead he's a black hole.


20 games in, and I'm not sure how Turner can reverse exactly what he's done(or lack what he's done) since being a 76er. I can understand Hawes and the injuries and the set-backs he's had.    But Turner has no such alibi, it'll take alot for Turner to regain my excitement about the kid.


That's how I honestly feel about the 76ers I've criticized in the past and I promise to keep eye on them in the future unbiased, without my emotions running too high or too low.     I owe the LB Community a tremendous thanks for dealing with my emotionalism and insane romanticism when it comes to the game of basketball.    The LB Community could have easily cast me aside if it wanted to, and I'm sure there were discussions about it.


But you did not, so I beseech you and I thank you.  And in return, that emotionalism and romanticism about the game will be kept in check to the best of my control.  


-LeQuan Glover

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