OT: Stern's absurd new rule

As we all know, David Stern had another basketball fart, or at the very least a misguided approach to a possible problem.       David Stern wanted to crack down on the  complaining in the NBA, so what did the commish do? Simply hand more power to the referees.   Now, if you even so much as argue a call, you may be subject to a technical foul.   Orlando's Dwight Howard is the golden  child of our problems, he already has 12 technical fouls and averages a technical for every 91 minutes on the court!

This rule may have simmered down complaining, but it has not made the NBA a more friendly environment Mr.Stern. It has just given the refs inexcusably more power, but that's no surprise. That's been your only approach to this  long problem in sports.   God forbid you make comments about them in the media, what's next are fans also going to get a fine?    And the real question is, has this rule brought about a more entertaining NBA?   To quote Shaquille O'Neal, we pay to watch these stars play.


Yes, we pay to watch our beloved 76ers franchise(and the same is true for fans of the other 29 NBA Squads)  but we pay most importantly to see our star players do well. Turner, Howard, etc.    We don't wanna see these stars thrown out of the game, just because you don't like a little tounge lashing.


And to be honest with you? It's just deserved.  I'm not sure how many "charges" calls I've seen missed this season as a 76ers fan. How many players have not had their feet set, who were still moving and yet the charge was still called.   I'll even be fair to Suns fans and I thought their team was considerably on the short end of the stick. I'm willing to admit that Jrue Holiday deflected that crucial turnover out of bounds and it should've remained Suns ball.


Missed calls are a part of the game,   fans know it, coaches know it and yes Stern whether you believe it or not players know that too.   But they at least want  honesty, if they make a mistake they'll make the correct call the next time it comes up. But by giving the Officials more power, you eliminate this need for honesty.


Why should they be honest and why should they put more effort into refereeing?   If the players don't like our slop job, then we can just hit them with a technical.    16 is a very, very short number. How about 30?    I mean, if we're going to give refs more power then let's give the players a safe guard to keep the playing field even .


Because with that short number, and with the refs ability to just slap a technical whenever they feel like, honesty and good officiating have been eliminated.


All you've done, Mr. Stern is make the game worse.    


I'll put the disclaimer that these are merely my  opinions and with the exception of Howard's amazing 12 technicals  I didn't use any statistics nor did I bring any up.  The reason being is that I tried to look for technical foul leaders(used google) and I couldn't get crap.    Also in that,  I believe logical reasoning would lead to the same conclusions I've came to. This is for the worst, not better.   

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