The way to fix basketball is to make it like European Soccer

I feel like the problem with basketball is that there are so few minutes and positions that young talent gets under evaluated and limited playing time. The players assosiation will never allow the NBA to force players to be in college for three years to provide more playing time and a consistent resume... The best solution for the NBA is to adopt a system like that of European Soccer that allows you to loan players. I feel that the draft should shift to a 5 round system and allow teams that have young rookies that that draft but don't necessarily need loan them to European basketball teams.

"In sports, a loan involves a particular player being allowed to temporarily play for a club other than the one he is currently contracted to. Loan deals may last from a few weeks to all season-long.

Players may be loaned out to other clubs for several reasons. Most commonly, young players will be loaned to a club in a lower league in order to gain valuable first team experience. In this instance, the parent club may continue to pay the player's wages in full. Some clubs put a formal arrangement in place with a feeder club for this purpose, such as Manchester United and Royal Antwerp, or Arsenal and Beveren.[1]

A club may take a player on loan if they are short on transfer funds but can still pay wages, or as temporary cover for injuries or suspensions. The parent club might demand a fee and/or that the loaning club pays some or all of the player's wages during the loan period.[2] A club might seek to loan out a squad player to make a saving on his wages, or a first team player to regain match fitness following an injury.

A loan may be made to get around a transfer window. Such a loan might include an agreed fee for a permanent transfer when the next transfer window opens."

My vision is to give teams the ability to loan players that they want but do not have the necessary minutes to improve their game overseas to European leagues. Imagine if you could players such as Evan Turner or Craig Brackins being loaned overseas to teams in European to get consistent playing time to hon their abilities.  Different players would have different situations such as a player as John Wall or Evan Turner being posted to the highest bidder and having the European team playing for their contact for the year as well as a fee that a team with lower finances could use toward their burdening revue. Players on the level of Craig Brackins would be posted on this loan program and have the Sixers pay their contact but allow them to have playing time in consisting leagues where games accurately matter. Teams would only be allowed to send players on loan on a year by year basis and only for the duration of their rookie contact.

It would give so many teams the ability to draft players based on ability and not necessarily need and have them gain playing time and become franchise players or valuable minor league trading chips. The problem with keeping kids in college is the fact they wish to get paid and this will allow them to get paid for their services without limiting roster spots on a team.

A team like the Hornets would be allow to keep a player like Darren Collison without worrying about playing him and Chris Paul. They could send him on loan for the year (with the ability for the NBA team to reclaim him at any time) to grow and develop and know that in a few years if they lose Chris Paul they have a player who has consistent playing time in the wings that can replace him.

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