Evan Turner Confident He'll Improve With Time

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This from a Yahoo! Marc Spears article, which went over some of the early struggles of rookie Evan Turner. He's gone back to watching film of himself in college to remember how good he can be. Spears spoke to Turner, Collins, and Elton Brand about the slow start and got some good quotes.

Turner on being the player he was at Ohio State

I think that guy is still there. I think, as time goes on, I’ll get better. You can’t rush that kind of stuff. I understand that.

Turner on expectations

It’s what I expect out of myself. I’m missing shots right now I usually make. Sometimes I’m not playing my best. I’m not thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m the No. 2 pick.’

Turner on how he'll get going

Everything is a process. The biggest part is patience. Sometimes people don’t like to wait.

Collins, the 1973 number one overall pick of the Sixers, can empathize with the season Turner is having.

We talked about the adjustment from college to pros and what goes with it. Coming into Philadelphia, I came in as a young player to a team that was 9-73. Right now with Evan, we’re trying to figure out where his best spot is going to be.

Collins on how the team is responding to him

We are trying to take the pressure away from him as much as possible. But still, when you walk up, put that hat on and you’re the No. 2 pick, that’s always going to be there.

Brand talked about seeing Evan's demeanor on a daily basis

He’s up and down just like any rookie is. Some days, he’s dealing with it well. Some days, it’s tougher than usual. But I think he’s going to fight through it and grow as a player from it.

Not everyone can come in to a new place, right out of college and contribute right away. Jordan, Tanner, and I are all relatively the same age as Evan, and the idea of playing in the NBA right now, expected to make a major input, is unbelievably daunting. Kids our age are going through a ton of stuff (it's like puberty!) and a less-than-stellar first third of the season is entirely forgivable. He's got loads of potential, a bright future ahead of him, and a team that's one trade away from being his.

Turner knows what's expected of him. Let's give him some time to work himself up to that point. According to my sources, patience is a virtue.

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