It's Jrutime! Build around Jrue Holiday

As I was thinking about Michael Vick and how he's really been the one leading the Eagles resurgance, it got me thinking, do we have a player like that on the sixers roster?  And eureka: Jrue Holiday.   I LOVE Jrue Holiday,   and this isn't just a this season thing. I loved him from the summer league of his rookie year. I saw potential, unlimited potential beyond my eyes.   I saw what Iverson could've been had he focused on the little things instead of 'OMG, I'm a great scorer'.  I saw the PG capabilities. He was always capable of making the pass and getting guys in transition. Heck, he's a speed demon himself.  Of course, on display particularly in that summer league was Jrue's defense, every game he probably had a steal, deflections, or a block.    That level of defense also helps with the run n'gun game.  


And of course, last year we were able to see that he has 3pt shot capabilities and potential to really be a constant deep threat.   This year however, has been a treat.  His passing capabilities have been on full display, making crisp passes and putting everyone in a position to score. He's shown the ability to split the double team, get into the lane.  And though it's inconsistent, at times he can draw the contact and get to the line.

For a moment, I exhale and ask myself:  How long has it been since we've had a guard so good at every facet of the game?  I feel bad we didn't keep Maurice Cheeks in an assistant coaching capacity.    How good would Jrue be under THAT kind of tutoring?    So I thought while watching the Eagles about the Showtime Lakers.


We're a half-assed run N'Gun team if you will. Yes, we run but as many mention we're not like the Phoenix Suns where we've got the shooters to spread the floor and present the threat of the fast-break 3 on the corners.


I feel like we've got the athletes, Iguodala, Young, Speights, Lou.   Turner eventually getting out into the open court.   We've got the athletic part down.   But we're missing the two main ingredients to really being that Showtime Lakers/in-prime Phoenix Suns type of team.


The Showtime Lakers had Kurt Rambis, a banger, rebounder.  we don't got anybody in the paint. Heck, he was a bench big.  We don't even got a starting caliber center.    Nor do we got the shooters.


But we got the athletes and the PG General.  If we get the bigs, the center and the shooters. A 30 MPG guy you can start and can do other things.


Then it's JRUTIME! 

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