Can Someone Clarify Iguodala's Contract Sitch?

I am growing increasingly skeptical about people's understanding of the amount of money and length left on Iguodala's contract.


Sometime I go on ProSportsdaily basically just to get dumber.  And one of the articles that they had posted or linked from another site or whatever did just that.  This is the link:


Now, I am lazy and dont want to continue searching for details, but I am pretty sure that figure of 56 million and 3 years left is 100 percent inaccurate.  "Sure, Iguodala has a bad contract, with three years and $56 million left on his deal."  What I remember is that we signed him for 6 years and 80 mill.  Three years and 56 mill equates to like 18.6repeating per year.  Every site ive looked at for salaries, and by every site i mean the two i looked at in hoopshype and hoopsworld, not one year goes over 18 million.  Im no Enrico Fermi, but i think that would make those reported figures impossible.


Heres what i think.  I think people believe that Iguodala got Elton Brand's contract of FIVE years and 80 mill...and that still doesnt make sense numbers wise.  I have no idea if any other reports have this being iguodala contract situation, but I feel it is very wrong.  One thing I am not sure of is his actual contract.  Like a short glance at his wikipedia page says that he got 5 million in bonuses or something.  I dont know, but my large gut feeling is that people overreact to iguodalas contract situation because its just the thing to do.  Who would you rather have?  Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay, Andrea Bargnani, Luol Deng.....Elton Brand..............or Andre Iguodala???????????????????


Andre Iguodala's contract should basically no longer be as huge an issue as people are making it out to be.  Yes, he may be overpaid--a smidge--but the motha chucka is good at basketball.  And many other people are overpaid.


So what the hell's going on?  Can we please get some correct figures out there?  Maybe people would be more comfortable with iguodalas contract if 7 to 12 million dollars were shaved off in one day because of bad sports journalism.  Again, maybe the figures are right and i just dont know whats up.  But talk to anyone i know, i usually know whats up.  People think very highly of me.  Im well-liked in Hartford.


When people talk about Iguodala, they just go to negatives.  Its become such a habit now that his positives basically arent highlighted or arent highlighted enough.  This has led to misinformation.  Everyone has switched off their targeting computers and theyre not Luke.


If anyone can clear this up, that would be awesome.  After that, call Rod Thorn and Stefanski.

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