Game Review - 10272010

Honestly, I'm tired of all these idiots I see making all these dumb posts here. The Sixers played well. Give it up for them, seriously. It was their first game with new faces, ANOTHER new coach, against the freaking Miami Heat, and the Heat already had a game to warm up against possibly the best team in the NBA, and this was our first game of the season. With all that being said, were there some things we could done better? Of course, there always are. Was I more than impressed with the way the game was played overall? Definitely.

Doug Collins - He coached fine. People are complaining about how he didn't leave Nocioni in the game after he played well in the 2nd quarter. Nocioni played "OK", not "well". He hit an open 3 and all of a sudden Sixers fans want him to take every shot, and then get pissed when he misses. He did what he was supposed to do off the bench, so guess what, Collins started the 2nd half with him on the bench. He left Thad in when Thad started playing out of his mind, he let Evan Turner get off when he started showing that he could actually play basketball, and he had no issue taking Jrue out when he was getting dominated offensively and defensively by Arroyo and Wade. Collins is a good coach and you can tell he knows what he's doing. He made the right play calls for open shots out of timeouts, but the team just couldn't execute.

Evan Turner - Why are people still hating? People need to chill out. In his FIRST game as a ROOKIE, guarding guys like Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, he still managed to lead the team in scoring and play hard noses basketball, pulled good rebounds, and showed good ball handling skills AFTER he got comfortable. He's going to be an all-star in a few years, no doubt in my mind.

Iguodala - Looked rough. He's bricking all his shots, but to be fair it could be the wrist. He tries to do too much with the ball on the ground all the time. He can handle the ball but he's no Allen Iverson. If he's going to get to the hoop we need strong side or weak side committed drives from him, none of this spin behind the back crap.

Hawes - Played terrible. He had no clue what he was doing, showed no footwork, didn't want to take any shots, and overall just played scared. I'll give him a few more games to show that he can play but, in this league, you can't played scared all the time.

Jrue - In all honesty, Jrue will be fine. All this talk about him being a top 5 PG in this league, he let it get to his head even though he said he wouldn't. At the end of the game there he was making 3's and bringing the Sixers back into the game. He actually would have brought the Sixers back to within 5 points with over a minute left if Lou hadn't committed an offensive foul sending him the pass into the corner. Jrue found his rhythm late after he settled down, and he'll be settled come the rest of the season.

We'll be fine guys! We played great against a GREAT team. Atlanta is another great team but I'm willing to bet it goes down to the wire.

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