Who are the biggest Sixer killers?

Forgive me if this has been done before, but it was something I was curious about as the season was about to start. What players have given the Sixers the biggest problems over the past few seasons? As a fan, who do you really not like to show up because there is a great chance that they will have a monster game?

Let's take a look, courtesy of Basketball Reference:

The Miami Trio

Something scary to consider: Since the 2003-04 season, the three players with the most 20+ point games against the Sixers are Wade (20), James (19) and Bosh (18).

Wade has averaged 26 points, 5 rebounds and 6.6 assists against the Sixers in his career.

James has averaged 28.6, 6 and 7.3 with Bosh pulling in 21, 9.5 and 2.6 in his career against the Sixers.

Other obvious players

Paul Pierce:

Pierce has gone for 40 once, 30-39 11 times and 20-29 points 18 times. In the 44 games against Philly in his career, he has scored less than 10 points only 5. His statline reads 23 points, 6.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game against Philly.

Since Pierce entered the league, he has the most 20+ point games against Philly with 30.

Vince Carter:

Carter averages 4 more points per game against Philly than his career average. Carter has 23 20+ point games against Philly in his career in 41 games, including 3 games over 40 points.

A few others:

Antawn Jamison:

Career number of 19 points and 8 rebounds, averages against Philly of 21 and 9. 13 double doubles against the Sixers, including 4 games of 30+ points and 10+ rebounds.

Brook Lopez:

It's early but Lopez has had success against the team. 3 out of 8 games has seen him score over 20 points and half the games have seen his rebound the ball at least 10 times. With the defensive problems on the frontcourt, I expect Lopez to have big games this season against Philly.

The Future

DeMarcus Cousins:

Cousins has insinuated that he will be coming at the teams that passed over him extra tough this year. I believe that Cousins could play himself into contention into ROY consideration and again, with the defensive struggles of the frontcourt plus the extra motivation, could have some monster games this year against Philly.

Obviously this is a short list, so I would like to hear what you think. Feel free to pull up some past players as well. Who are you afraid of seeing step onto the court against the Sixers?

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