The Liberty Ballers Official Prediction Contest, Winner Gets a Prize!

If the word "Prize" in that headline didn't excite, you probably don't have a soul like Sayid in the final season of LOST.  If the word "Contest" doesn't get your hammock swingin, then you probably just don't like contests.  If both of those are true, this probably isn't the post for you.  However, a recent scientific survey that I made up for the purposes of this post says that 99.43% of all people start drooling when they see a prediction contest is going down.  Clean the saliva off your computer, it's time to get down to business for the first ever Liberty Ballers Official Prediction Contest (sponsored by Gilbert Arenas' recently shaved emo beard)!

The contest will concentrate on a variety of different situations that you, the commenter, will predict the outcomes for.  It's simple, each category you get right, you get a point (unlike Huh, That's Cool!).  The commenter with the most amount of available points at the end of year wins a spectacular prize yet to be determined (most likely a fancy t-shirt or signed headshot of Jordan).  Doesn't this sound like a grand ol' hoedown? 

All you have to do to enter the contest is post your predictions in the comments section and I'll keep track of the rest. The season begins in less than a week, so let's hop to it. The categories wait for you after the jump.


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for dreading.  Make your predictions for the 2010-2011 Philadelphia 76ers on these exciting categories:

1.  How many wins will the 76ers end the regular season with?

2.  How many times will the 76ers cover the spread (based on Bodog's line before the game starts) during the regular season?

3.  Who will lead the Sixers in Points Per Game (must play at least 41 games to qualify)?

4.  Who will lead the Sixers in Rebound Per Game (must play at least 41 games to qualify)?

5.  Who will lead the Sixers in Assists Per Game (must play at least 41 games to qualify)?

6.  Who will be the first Sixer to be traded during the season?

7.  What will Elton Brand's average points and rebounds be?

8.  How many games will Andre Iguodala have a line of at least 20 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds?

9.  What position in the Eastern Conference will the Sixers finish?

10.  What will Evan Turner's average points, assists, and rebounds be for the season (I will round up to the nearest full point, assist, and rebound)?

Now, what happens if there is a tie between the commenters with the most correct predictions?  Well, we've got general NBA predictions (these will only be used to break a tie)!

1. Who will be NBA MVP?

2.  What team will finish with the best regular season record?

3.  Who will win Rookie of the Year?

4.  What team will Carmelo Anthony finish the season with?

5.  How many technical fouls will Kevin Garnett have accrued at the end of the season?

If there's still a tie after going through the general NBA categories, then the commenter who posted first will get the championship.

For all of the predictions involving "how many" questions, a point will be rewarded to the commenter closest to the correct answer (not Price is Right rules, over or under is okay).

Have at it comrades, now's the time to prove that Nostradamus is nothing compared you, the all knowledgeable predictor of 76ers and the NBA.

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