I'm Back and I'm Bringing A Season Preview For You.

I haven't logged on in a while. Don't get me wrong, I've been reading the stories and FanPosts. I just never actually logged in to comment or whatever.Mainly because I've been hard at work putting together some stories at a site called Hardcourt Mayhem. Ever been there? I've been named a Wizard's corespondent there so I'll be spending some time working that out. But, fear not my beautiful readers, My loyalty is still firmly planted in this site as well as the 76ers. In fact, I'm going to give you my take on how the season will play out. First, I'll break down their monthly schedule. Next, I'll give you my own end-of-the-season awards for the players. It's going to be a blast!


Since October has just a few games, I'll combine the games with November's games. Also, I'll be referring this month as November. November has 18 games (8 home, 10 away). But, the home games are in pairs and are split by 2, 5, and 3 away games. The Sixers will be moving around a lot. It's not too bad since they are only going as far as the Central Time Zone. I say they have 4 guaranteed wins, 6 guaranteed losses and 8 maybes. With that in mind, their record for the month should be 7-11.

December has 15 games (6 home, 9 away) While the team has 4 straight home games at mid point of the month, they then start off 8 straight away games stretching into January. Only 5 of those games look winnable. the other 10 look pretty grim. The road trip has only one certain victory. (no victory is certain but in this case I'm saying that the Sixers have the better chance of winning) But by the time they reach the Warriors, they'll already have played 4 straight on the road. The record for the month will probably be 4-11.

So far the record is 11-22. That's not really good but the, not-so-elite opponents are in January. They have 14 games (9 home, 5 away) This month has 8 winnable games. Combine that to the fact that they have more home games, including a 3 game stretch, and the team should end the month with a winning record of 9-5.

February is a nice short month, and the "weaker" opponents keep coming. They have 12 games (5 home, 7 away). Although the team has more away than home games, the team is going to be taking that All-Star Weekend off. (Unless Igoudala makes the all-star team or Turner in the rookie-sophmoore challange) By now, the team is starting to either click or not (I think they'll click) with each other and with their new coach. Call me crazy, but I think the team will win at least 7 of those games. Record for month 8-4.

The record stands at 28-31. Pretty solid. There have been a few experts that see a close to .500 finish, plus coach Collins should be a much better fit to these players. It's 08-09 all over again! (kinda) But the record would indicate that the team is ready to compete for a spot in the playoffs. Let's see what their March to the playoffs will bring.

March has a whooping 16 games (8 home and away). Yet, I see the team winning at least 7 of them. Problem is, with 16 games in 31 days, there's going to be quite a few back to back games. That will hurt. But most of these players are coming or are in their prime basketball bodies so it may not hurt them as much as it would hurt the Celtics or Spurs. Another thing is, by this time, teams are looking at the lottery, fighting for a playoff spot, or locked up and are starting to rest up for the playoffs. You can call resting the players a lousy move but it worked for the Celtics, didn't it?Unfortunately, i see the record as 6-10. Back to back games can be more deadly than imagined.

You know what's kind of funny? The Sixers still have 7 games left for April (5 home, 2 away) They should only have trouble against 2 opponents. I see the record as 5-2. I think the team will still be looking for the playoff spot and will be hungry. They will fight and salvage any point they can.

So their final record will be 39-43.Not too bad. A great improvement from last year and they may even make the playoffs. They would'nt advance but, this team will be one of the redemption stories of the year. Think about it. A disastrous 27-54 record jumped to 39-43 is quite a jump. I would be totally satisfied with this record. 37-41 wins seems to be the average range that this team can pull off.


Player Awards:

The awards are for the players on the team and not the actual league awards.

Most Valuable Player: Andre Iguodala

Rookie Of the Year: Evan Turner

Most Improved Player: Marrese Speights

Sixth Man: Lou Williams

Defensive Player: Jrue Holiday

I think most would agree with these choices except for Speights. I was torn between Hawes, Speights, and Holiday. I dropped Jrue because I think him and Turner will need some time to mesh and that will hurt his productivity a bit. I was going to go with Speights because if he does play some defense, he'll be a greatly improved player. Collins is the right man to talk him into defending. Based on the tweets we've seen from him, Speights may be willing to put the effort in. But it's a long season and keeping up that intensity can wear you down if you're not willing. We'll see. I didn't forget about Thaddeus Young. I think he'll have a solid season. But being behind Iguodala and Turner will cut his minutes. Elton Brand, Spencer Hawes, and Marrese Speights SHOULD have similar minutes but I doubt it will happen that way.


So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed that. if you want to check out my blog, here it is: Wizards Basketball. I'm aware that my predictions could be altered by injuries, trades, or just lack of ability. I based my assumptions on a healthy, current roster.

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