The Team: New Jersey Nets

Coming off the worst record in the NBA, the Nets weren't able to acquire G John Wall nor any of the big free agents,  but the Nets did make some significant improvements and look to be in a better shape even if not evident in the win-loss column in 2010. 


Point Guards: Devin Harris, Jordan Farmar

Shooting Guards: Anthony Morrow, Eddie Gill

Small Forwards:Terrance Williams,Travis Outlaw, Quinton Ross, Damion Jones

Power Forwards:Troy Murphy, Derrick Favors, Kris Humpries

Centers: Brook Lopez, Johan Petro, Brian Zoubek


Stephen Graham(SF), Brian Zoubek(C) and Ben Uzoh(SG) are all fighting for roster spots.


It's interesting how Farmar complains about his shots and role in the Lakers triangle offense, then he goes onto signing into a locked reserve role in New Jersey. But he should do quite well there. He can shoot the 3 and at least not turn it over, the Nets were even worse than our own sixers from the 3 bomb.


In addition, the Morrow signing and the Murphy trades were brilliant. Morrow is a deadly shooter who has good size listed at 6'5.  Troy Murphy will add more of the same shooting and rebounding. Allowing Favors to grow into his own.


Terrance Williams has been thought of as an Iggy-lite and he certainly displayed that potential towards the end of the season, that's why he's the projected starter on a Nets team that has  good depth at the wings with Outlaw and Ross behind him, along with rookie forward Damion Jones.


In addition to Murphy and Favors it's amazing Humpries still has a job in the NBA but not only does he have a job but he played well for New Jersey, so while it'll be difficult I expect him to get minutes ALA Andres Nocioni on our end.

Between the core of Harris, Favors, Lopez, Williams the Nets seem primed within 2 years to become a major eastern conference contender.  The Eastern Conference was almost saved by Billy King trading the scoring guard(Harris) and the potential all-star forward Favors for a scoring forward at a position they are already deep at! 


I rather like this teams depth, it still lacks a back-up center but then again who doesn't?  They still have salary cap space so they should be able to get another piece in there.


Free Agency needs:

Center and just that position alone. If they sign a 20-25 MPG impact big man(which is for example what Yao Ming can be), the Nets would be in a very scary place.  

Win-Loss record: I believe fundamentally the Nets improved across the board and had a very good off-season, but will it translate to the Win-Loss record? It's not hard to beat 12 wins, it is hard however to be a playoff team. I predict 38 wins for this roster however, give or take 3 or 4. Why? Avery Johnson is going to get the best out of this roster and there's enough firepower and veteran leadership to will this team to victories.

I think this will be a mid-to-late lottery team 9th-12th pickish, and if the right player is at that pick the Nets might just stand a good chance of following up on their ambitious owners desire to win a title in five years.

Before that though, they should fire Billy King who wasted no time proving he's the worst GM in the game today.

Next up: The Ageless Boston Celtics

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