i preface this post by saying i am new and am extremist.  i want to either be the best team or the worst team cuz everything in between is completely pointless.  and forgive me if i am redundant in either my ideas already having been said or simply repeating them to get my point across...onward.


 friends, philadelphians, those of u who are all about instant gratification, please lend me your eyes.  this team as currently constructed cannot win a championship.  it will be either a subpar or middle of the road not entertaining heap of irrelavence.  part of the reason is tremendous amounts of money invested in players that do not deserve those amounts.

first player - elton brand.  very simple and doest not need description.  he wasnt who we thought he was.  untradeable.

second player - andre iguodala.  get over him.  seriously.  the man is a good basketball player.  u dont pay a man like that to be second or third fiddle, like he actually is in real life.  on a quick side note he isnt even fun to watch.  its like hey he put up another brick thats sweet.  and he is utterly clueless on the fast break and cannot lead one in the slightest.  he needs to leave.  before i go on i must say that part of the reason why he got paid so handsomely is because we put our spoiled eggs into the Brand basket hoping that Iggy and him could co-exist.  now that it is ABUNDANTLY clear that they cannot and this team just does not function well together, its time to cut our losses.  this means a big trade.


the big trade that id like to see go down is the one that was recently rumored, for TMac.  yes, it has hit that point.  i dont think Iguodala is the type of player, taking his contract into consideration, where any team would give up anything in terms of real talent to get him.  so a very large expiring contract in TMac is the only option we have.  and frankly i dont think its even that bad.  they would take another contract to balance out the salaries and it would probably be Dalembert.  maybe we could get rid of Willie too.  imagine that, trimming the fat of those pointless contracts of DBert and willie while realizing that Iggy isnt good enough to carry a team thus getting rid of his lengthy contract.  if im remembering correctly thats 28 mill (12 iggy, 12 sammy, and 4 for willie---somewhere around there for them) for 23 mill in TMac.


bam, got eeem.  heres what happens.  we become very bad but more fun to watch.  more speights, more holliday, more AI, and what i think would be a very angry but happy to be traded former superstar in tracy looking to prove to people he can still play.  i find that to be the ideal situation because rackin up losses means just more and more chances at Mr. Wall or Mr. Favors or just a top 5 pick which isnt guaranteed at this point.  the trade would make it guaranteed because we'd most definitely be worse than the teams that our on our level (pacers, warriors, knicks). 

let me just say that it hurts my hands, my feet, and my face that it has come to this.  i, like many, had high hopes after the brand signing.  but realizing he cant play and iggy is a supporting player is very important in our path back to relevance and entertainment (the latter of the 2 concepts will most certainly come first.  the other will take some time.)  purging of iggy and dalemberts contracts would be a start.  brand, unfortunately, will have to stay i think.  and the only other person i think that could be acquired via trade that would be much nicer would be kevin martin.  but i think the kings want to wait and see if him and tyreke can play together when Kmart gets back.

lets say we hypothetically do get rid of those 3 contracts.  thats 28 mill right?  we'd be around 17 mill under the cap but then add in a high draft pick salary probably around 12-13.  that would be the nicey if we could sign one of the thousands upon thousands of good free agents this offseason.  and if our youngins showed some development in the aftermath of the trade (thad kickin it up to like 21 a game and speights to 17) adding to the possibility of John Wall or Favors, i think that could entice someone to sign here.  improbable but still the possibility of adding someone is better than reality of our current team because we'd still be heading in the right direction going young and talented kinda like the thunder.

i love the sixers.  but i know the endgame.  its rings and funtowatchness.  and we're a city capable of getting both of those.  its just this team needs to get blown up as soon as superhumanly possible.  if this opportunity arose, purging iggy and dalembert, and we didnt jump at it, id be dissappointed because its just more not-bad-enough results while still being not that entertaining.


long live roundball.

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