2009 NBA Draft thread + Updated LB Mock

Ok, so I wanted this to be the game thread but some dude stole my idea.  I'm having a 12 person family dinner at Chickie's and Pete's that will be running up to draft time, but my brothers and I will be out of there as soon as possible.  I figured that since there were a million things that happened since Tanner and I went to work on our big 2 round mock that it was time to pump out another one.  There are infants running around and I'm making everyone late for dinner, so I apologize if it's not up to journalistic par.  I'll be updating throughout.  Hit the jump.


1. LAC - Griffin Blake Griffin

2. Mem - Thabeet Hasheem Thabeet

3. OKC - Harden James Harden

4. SAC - Rubio Tyreke Evans

5. Minn - Curry Ricky Rubio

6. Minn - DeRozan Jonny Flynn

7. GS - Hill Stephen Curry 

8. NY - Evans Jordan Hill

9. Tor - Henderson Demar DeRozan

10. Mil - Holiday Brandon Jennings

11. NJ - Williams Terrence Williams

12. Cha - Hansbrough Gerald Henderson

13. Ind - Flynn Tyler Hansbrough

14. Pho - Clark Earl Clark

15. Det - Mullens Austin Daye

16. Chi - Blair James Johnson


18. Minn - James Johnson Ty Lawson (Traded to Denver for 2010 1st round pick)

19. Atl - Jennings Jeff Teague

20. Utah - Maynor Eric Maynor

21. NO - Ellington Darren Collison

22. Por - Teague Victor Claver

23. Sac - Budinger Omri Casspi

24. Dal - Mills BJ Mullens

25. OKC - Collison Rodrigue Beaubois

26. Chi - Daye Taj Gibson (to OKC for Thabo Sefolosha) 

27. Mem - Gibson

28. Minn - Casspi

29. NY - Summers

30. Cle - Sam Young

ROUND TWO - NBAdraft.net deleted my mock somehow, so I don't know all my second round picks.  Here are a few that will undoubtedly be wrong.

31. Sac - Derrick Brown

32. Was - Jeff Pendergraph

33. Por - Jonas Jerebko

34. Den - 

35. Det - Marcus Thornton

36. Mem - 

37. SA - Dante Cunningham

38. Por - 

39. Det - 

40. Cha - Jeff Adrien

41. Mil - 

42. LA - 

43. Mia - 

44. Det - Robert Dozier

45. Min - Chris Johnson

46. Pho - Tyrese Rice

47. Min - Emir Preldzic

48. Pho - 

49. Atl - Jodie Meeks

50. Uta - Danny Green

51. SA - 

52. Ind - 

53. SA - 

54. Cha - 

55. Por - 

56. Dal - 

57. Pho - Jon Brockman

58. Bos - 

59. LA - Garrett Siler

60. Mia - 


Here's my best shot, I've already tanked after going 3-3 to start.  We'll see how little knowledge I have as the draft goes on.  It's a crapshoot, but man do I enjoy it.

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