Get pumped.

The scoreboard read "51 Pistons, 33 Sixers". I sat motionless in my super-sized LoveSac. Deep down I knew the season was over. The Sixers were simply over-matched. Questions ran through my head. Can the Sixers come back? Should I even bother with the second half? After regrouping and blinking for the first time in 5 minutes, I decided how I was going to handle the final 24 minutes of basketball. I was going to watch it, enjoy it, accept it, and dream of next season.

Well, what do you know? Nearly 12 months later, the moment has arrived. This is what I envisioned on my SuperSac. This is a chance for the Sixers to introduce themselves to the world. No one has given them a chance. Media members *cough* Bill Simmons *cough* have even gone as far as calling them "awful" and "terrible". The only way to change their opinions is win.

We are officially 13 hours away from tip-off and I've previewed everything there is to preview -- stats, injuries, history. Enough with numbers and previews. Let's do the thang already.

We all know the Magic are a thousand times better on paper. We all know they have Dwight Howard. And we all know what the Sixers need to do to win. (3-point differential, defensive rebounding and free throws.) So, instead of polluting your minds with more useless numbers and strategies, I'm simply going to tell you in a couple sentences how excited I am, and leave you with a few YouTube clips to get you pumped!

How excited am I? As excited as I've ever been to watch a basketball game. Need I say more? On the flip side, I'm as nervous as a 6-year old school boy about to ask his secret crush if she wants to share a bag of cheddar fries. I think the game will go one of two ways -- good or bad -- there's no in between.

Don't ask me why I have faith in this 41-win Sixers team who has disappointed me time after time this season, because I won't have an answer. There's just something a special about this group of guys, and the sky's the limit.

God, it's now two in the morning and I don't even know what I'm saying, so I'll stop.

Watch these.

We Will Rock You.


Zumoff + Iguodala = chills.

Final countdown.

Try and get some rest.

Come hungry.

Come excited.

Expect big things.




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