Can the Sixers ever be NBA champs again?

Given soman319's recent post about Andre Iguodala, it brings the issue of whether the Sixers are capable of winning a championship. In some of the comments on that fanpost, several individuals claimed Iggy could be a Scottie Pippen-esque player, if he had an "MJ" to play with like Pippen did. So, my question is: when are we going to get a player like that, and who would it be? And at the end of the day: can the Sixers ever win a Championship?

There are several ways of dealing with lacking a star:

  • 1) Building around a current player - Elton Brand is injured and wasn't quite the team star he should have been when he wasn't. Iggy isn't the type of player that you can build a team around (not a championship team anyway). Andre Miller is great, but won't be for another five or ten years, like we would want a star to be.
  • 2) Free Agency - The Sixers could go out and get a star player, but I am not sure we have the money to get anyone for more than a year.
  • 3) Trade for a star - The Sixers have a core of young players, so there are plenty of players to deal, but for who do we deal and what are we willing to give up? I wish the original AI would come back to Philly, but that won't happen.
  • 4) Do nothing - We could sit back and hope we can build a balanced team out of the players we have, and continue to draft solid players to further build the team.


With the Eastern Conference essentially the LeBron(and his Cavs) and Boston show (and Orlando too - they don't get the credit they should), how can the Sixers win the East let alone an NBA Championship? The West is even tougher still with the Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, Hornets and the like. Can the Sixers beat these teams on any given night? Yes. We have, and we will again. However, in a seven-game playoff series, the Sixers cannot consistently beat these teams. Recall last year's playoff series with the Pistons. We won games one and three by 4 and 20, with the latter in Philadelphia. We lost games two, four, five, and six by 17, 9, 17, and 23 respectively. Clearly, we couldn't compete every night. This is a major problem. A championship is what we are after, but given our lacking a star and our lacking the talent to compete in the playoffs, that won't be happening any time soon.

I love my Sixers and I want us to win. I remember the 2001 NBA Finals. The Sixers have never been better in my lifetime (I am only 21). I want it to be that way again. Go Sixers!!!

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