Recap: Sixers cruise to victory in Sac-town

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Sactown Royalty

I'm not going to get into too much detail here. From the second quarter on we were too busy setting records in the game thread to focus on the game. 386 comments is a career-high for us, so thanks to everyone who took part. We had a ton of different conversations. Amongst them were, seducing older women, hot girls intelligence, drive-in theaters, colon cleanses, Boys II Men, and the future of the Sacramento Kings. I strongly recommend checking them out if you weren't there. I assume it would be pretty entertaining to read in retrospect.

For the game itself, it was pretty relaxing. The Sixers controlled the first three quarters with ease. The Kings made a run in the fourth quarter, but the Sixers squashed their comeback hopes quickly.

Some peeps won't be too happy with the Sixers second-half defense against a 15-win team, but I'm going to cut them some slack. They're a young team. They're on the road. They have a big matchup tomorrow night. They had a 26-point lead at the half. It's extremely hard for an inconsistent, inexperienced team to come out of the locker room focused with all these things factored in. Bottom line is I'll take a 12-point win any night, especially on the road.

Even when the Kings made it interesting, it never seemed realistic that they'd actually come back and win the game. For those of us who watched the entire game, let's not complain about the defense. Nobody's perfect. I say, let's just enjoy probably the most relaxing 48 minutes of basketball we've had this season.

That said, there were a few things that irritated me tonight -- nothing new however. M16's defense needs improvement. Willie Green and Samuel Dalembert still suck, and make me want to throw my remote through the TV. Thad Young is still sub-par at running the fast break. And possibly the most irritating thing of all -- Lou-Will's jump passes. He only had one tonight, but he was 90 feet from the basket when he decided to pull out his patented move. Unforgivable.

That's all I have for tonight. Good win. I've learned after the Lakers game that momentum means absolutely nothing with this team. We have a big matchup tomorrow night in Portland -- one of my favorite matchups of the season. There's no telling whether we'll get blown out or witness another Iguodala buzzer-beater. That's what makes it fun.

Now, I'm off to write my Tupac speech. He's still alive. If you're interested, read some of these conspiracy theories.

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