Recap: Chauncey Billups leads comeback vs. Sixers

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PickAxe And Roll

I'm going to do a very breif recap tonight for a couple reasons.

1. I think everyone, including me, voiced their post-game thoughts in the open thread. By the way, congratulations to us for dropping a career-high 361 comments.

2. I have a Halo date with my cousin and his friends. Yes, people still play Halo, and I'm one of them. My gamertag is Jordan923, if you ever want to hit me up... on any game.

3. I also have a lot of homework. I'll have to put that off until after I unleash my Halo skills, but thinking about doing it is often more exhausting than actually doing it.

Off we go. 

First piece of business is Andre Miller's injury. It's being called a right calf strain. Miller looked to be in a decent amount of pain, and that's saying something for NBA's Iron Man. He's played in 501 consecutive games, and I don't expect anything less than to see him in the starting lineup on Saturday.

Chauncey Billups single-handedly brought the Nuggets back from a 10-point halftime deficit. The Nuggets outscored the Sixers 34-21 in the third, and never looked back.

Nene is a beast.

Andre Iguodala didn't play as bad as his numbers look. He just never got in a rhythm due to foul trouble.

Lou Williams has turned into the much cooler, much younger, much sexier Willie Green. He hurts the team more often than not  when he's on the floor -- at least for the past couple weeks. Work it out Lou! Oh yeah, and if there was ever any doubt, Lou isn't an NBA point guard.

Willie still sucks.

Sam returned to decency tonight.

Thaddeus Young was way off the entire night. He missed all kinds of shots, from corner-three's to easy layups. Then again, the team as a whole didn't shoot much better -- an abysmal 32 percent on the night. 32 percent!

Speights played a really good game. He had a couple questionable fouls and a Sam Dalembert-esqe outlet pass, but other than that, he was awesome. So much for the bum ankle. He looked unaffected tonight. He also drilled a three. If he adds that to his game he'll be even more deadly.

("Tootsee Roll" is playing in the background. It's kind of odd.)

Royal Ivey was unimpressive tonight. I might have come to expect too much of him, but I was pretty disappointed with his play.

That's all I have for now. I'm off to play Halo. I'll probably have more on the two horrendous post-all star break games sometime tomorrow or Friday. Until then, we're still over .500!

P.S. Thank God I cooled off a little bit, otherwise this recap would be a lot different.


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